Software Outsourcing evolves to exceed expectations


POSSIBLE is a global digital agency that handles several projects worldwide, a lot of them developed in Costa Rica. This company was facing two main problems related to the required staff for their projects:

•   Open a new position in the worldwide company is complex, due to the bureaucratic process inside. That process could take months and on the other hand, many of those projects are one–two months long, so there’s a big effort to find a person to fit the position for a small project.

•   Costa Rica has enough professionals working in different positions related to software engineering, most of them with the flexibility to learn and apply new technologies. As we mention before the majority of the POSSIBLE projects are short-term projects and, in some cases, the requirements related to the technologies are placed by the customer, so the company has to invest time preparing the people to face the project in an appropriate way.


The relationship between POSSIBLE and Akurey was born four years ago. Our staff has been involved in several projects there with different roles: from front-end/back-end developing to leading everything directly with the customer and handling the team. We are proud to say that POSSIBLE sometimes delegates the entire project to be developed in-house by Akurey.  

POSSIBLE handles one of our more elastic teams: between 4 to 10 engineers all of them with very good English level – between 75% and 95% speaking level.

Our strategy is to handle a hybrid workplace schema where the people work 3 days at POSSIBLE’s office, 1 day at Akurey’s and they can work remotely on the fifth day. Related with this remote day, the team has to meet all the responsibilities that the remote schema has.


With these years POSSIBLE has become one of our main customers, these are some statistics of it:

•   4 years long relationship and counting  

•   More than 50 successful projects

•   Possible saved more than $240,000.00, in recruitment costs, during the relationship period

•   Team size variation between 5 and 10 members

•   Engineers rotation below 10%

•   Roles: Project Manager, Tech Lead, Team Lead, Software Engineer doing Frontend and Backend development

•   Engineers working on technologies such as html5, css3, Ruby on rails, React, Angular, Nodejs, Expressjs,, SQL server, Mongodb, Dynamodb, Grunt, Gulp, Sass, Less, … 

•   In the CMS list, we can mention technologies like Sitecore, WordPress, Drupal, Expression engine and Umbraco.

•   Team building and support 

Due to this confidence, Akurey handles a special rate program with this client, also it’s important to mention that POSSIBLE and Akurey share the same values such as responsibility, honesty and camaraderie, that’s why our people fit perfectly there.


Julio Barboza

Julio specializes in development with Microsoft technologies like C#, SQL Server, MVC, ASP .NET, but he also has experience with technologies like Oracle, Vectorwise, MongoDB, DynamoDB, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, MySQL, PHP, Umbraco, and Amazon Web Services. He has worked on projects that vary from corporate platforms like Verso and IICA, to innovative seasonal web campaigns for Starbucks Frappuccino. He is interested in agile methodologies like SCRUM, and the user-centered approach to UX design. He loves traveling and going off-road.