is a digital platform and service to simplify communication with family and caregivers in the U.S., currently operating with 600+ facilities (caregiver providers) and wide nation 5000+ active consumers.


Problem: started its exponential growth at the end of 2017, their current software provider became inefficient and lacks in best practices, all of them necessary to propelled their rapid business growth, the new services and functions asked by the market. committed important contracts to deliver on time in November 2018. With their current team, the mission looked to be pretty much impossible.



The first step was to diagnose the apps source code developed in native Android and iOS. With that, we were able to map platform requirements for the next two years, designing along with the architectural software composition from internal apps to the high-level web, modules, marketing, AI.
Then, started translating the current app to the new architecture, test it and deploy to market.
When the apps successfully hit the market with the new architecture, was ready to start the new developments, including new engineers to the team, from both, Carely’s and Akurey’s team.
Finally, Akurey starts supporting more critical parts of the digital platform, giving to more free time to design, prioritize and monitor the platform development progress, marketing, new contracts, and new services.



The project reached a stable point in less time than expected.
5 new modules were added for the committed contracts in both apps and web apps.
New innovations and business opportunities are designed together.
Three new extensions of the platform were developed.
A new product, Carely Community was created. It helps new organizations to interact with Carely platform and with the families they support in the application as providers.


Mike Eidsaune – CEO and business developer
Jared Fleener – CTO
Development & Strategy
Cristina Best – Digital Marketing
Cooper Crosby – UX and Design
Business requirements
Strategic partnerships
Product ownership
Back-end development
Strategy direction.
Luis Cruz – Tech Lead & Senior Software Engineer
Rodrigo Navarro – Backend Engineer
Esteban Brenes – Senior Software Engineer, iOS
Bruno Sarmiento – Software Engineer, iOS
Eduardo Oviedo – Senior Software Engineer, Android
Josue Santamaría – Senior Software Engineer, Android
Kenneth Meza – Software Engineer, QA
Ricardo Quesada – Account Manager & Scrum Master

Scrum management
Requirements discovery
and scoping
Solutions design
Architectural integrations
Software development
Technical leadership
Components and architecture
Testing, deployment,
maintenance, and continuous
business technical support.