Captain Technologies

Captain Technologies (CaptTech) is a leading company providing digital services to the Sport Fishing Industry, worldwide.


Captains, anglers and boat mates are abandoned by large digital services providers, competing without log technology support. Many of them record their fishing and boat logs on paper. Also, almost a non-existing media to communicate their records, videos and rank themselves; currently managed by reputation.


Build the most innovative and interactive professional fishing-log application available, capable to operate offline overseas and disrupt the fishing tournament concept around the world. It’s designed by professional captains to be powerful and yet easy to use, even for those who are new to technology. Requiring a lot of UX analysis and testing overseas, also an strong manage of consistency among time zones and fishing regions.


The service platform was delivered on January 2018, reaching in one month more than 200 active captains and growing everyday. Nowadays (February 2018), it built a social community environment which uploads more than 8,000 fishing logs per day, including 2 to 4 videos per log. At least 4 organized tournaments per month, using a brand new concept which is going to change this industry for the next 10 years.


Captain Technologies:
Joe Crawford – Product Owner
Emilio Munkel – Operations Manager
GBM – Funding and Marketing
Overseas Testing
Customer Service
Rodrigo Núñez – Account Manager
Ricardo Quesada – Project Manager
Javier Álvarez – Technical Lead
Melina Obando – Art director and graphic design
Nathalie Howell – User Experience
Bruno Sarmiento – Software Engineer
Rodrigo Navarro – Software Engineer
Esteban Brenes – Software Engineer
Luis Carlos Cruz – Software Engineer
Valeria Calderón – Software Engineer
José Ruiz – Software Engineer
Fabián Lizarme – Software Engineer

Technology Consultant,
Design and UX,
Quality Assurance,
Development and Implementation


    Captain Technologies