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BAS is located in Boulder, CO, this is a digital innovation firm offering rapid innovation deployment to companies currently delivering services, but requiring incremental innovations to stay ahead in the market.



One of the biggest BAS customers came from the trading industry, giving assertive media resource allocation to advise clients on how to increase conversions in their business.
The rapid growth of their business was causing a tremendous pressure to BAS to come up with rapid ideas, development, and deployment to test them against focus groups every month.



Handpicked a team of four software engineers. All of them with a high profile on innovation techniques such as: google sprint, design thinking, product clinic, brainstorming, card sorting, and others.
Then, integrated them into BAS’ software development team. Augmenting their staff gradually when an important knowledge of the customer’s digital platform was learned.
Finally, the new team started shooting new ideas, new business opportunities implementing many of them as POC (proof of concept), each of them in less than 2 weeks.



More than 14 POC deployed to market, in less than a year.
Three of them became projects, currently producing new revenue.
Extended the services offered by the final customer.
Customer retention increased by 15% because of the gradual innovations incorporated.
Two new services based on machine learning with predictive analysis to speed up traders desition making.
Stablished capacity to produce a new POC every two weeks for early testing.



(People’s name under privacy policy)
Motivation leader
Innovation designer
Chief technical officer
Collect data from customer’s sales
and apps usage
New trends
Orchestrate code management
Prioritize features and innovations to be applied over the customer’s digital platform.
Javier Alvarez – Technical lead & Innovation Manager
Julio Barboza – Senior Software Engineer
Fabian Lizarme – Senior Software Engineer
Mario Retana – Data Science and Senior Software Engineer
Daniel Troyo – Machine Learning software engineer
Ricardo Quesada – Operation Management
Learn internal codeDevelop modules and business approachPerform innovation methodologies exercises to bring new ideasDevelop along BAS’s team proof of concepts integrated into the
production environment on hidden sectionsCollect data about usability and final customer engagement.Once a POC becomes profitable, embrace the development
of the project as a real module into their systems.

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