Inventory management through technology


The Problem:

With more than 1000 pieces of inventory coming in and going out from different warehouses every day, the productivity time of our client was being drained by task related to control, count, process and generate reports about these pieces of Assets.

Employees at Nashville Electric Service had to manually fill out forms, generate transfer orders from different pieces of inventory and count all this by themselves. Generate one of these orders took about 6 to 10 minutes while the employees fill the necessary forms, count the inventory and check their statuses.

The Solution:

As one of the biggest problems was to control plenty of assets moving from warehouse to another, the approach was to develop a system to automatically track where is this inventory moving. Using RFID was the solution to accomplish this. A set of antennas were installed on each warehouse entrance so the platform could always monitor the state of the inventory, location as well as its quantity. In order to make this possible, the strategy was to create a wifi network with a set of antennas connected to the network reading RFID tags when necessary.

But this is just a part of the solution, there is also an application developed for Motorola PDA MC series. With this app the user can login into different warehouses and create purchase orders, receive transfer orders from other warehouses, issue a transfer order to another warehouse as well as count the RFID inventory automatically with the Cycle Count module.

It is important to mention that this application can integrate the actual inventory system automatically which makes a more flexible platform.



  • Reduce the time spent filling forms, counting inventory and processing orders by 50%.
  • Inventory lost was reduced by 85% due to whole system accuracy.
  • Warehouses can process more than 200 orders a day with more than 1200 articles in total.
  • PDA application was adjusted to client Backend services so flexibility is always present.
  • Handle more than 1 000 000 pieces of inventory easily.





Luis Cruz

Experienced on tasks related to software designing, software architecture definition, improvement and maintenance. Main expertise based on web applications and strong knowledge on database technologies.