Intrigued by Big Data? Check these 3 major considerations!


1. What is big data?

This is a marketing and technical term that represents a new approach to understand the world in a business perspective. It’s based on a model built from large amounts of correlated data and analyzed with statistical creativity to reveal business decisions driving towards:

• Product development
• Operational improvements
• Marketing strategy
• Customer loyalty
• Market demand predictions


2. When should I invest on it?
When a defined line of business exists with a return on investment driven, often you would have in mind customer relationship, sales and improvements as your main goal.

Make sure your big data plan includes:
• Identified valuable opportunities in your business
• Establish the right architecture and how it goes to be financed
• Use less expensive pilot programs to improve value to business
• Scale up with additional use cases
• Immerse the organization in data driven culture


3. Who should I call?
Whoever you call; person, company, friend, university or scientists; what you need is a colleague willing to work every day understanding your business and aligning the technology to your company vision, revealing amazing news.

Keep in mind firms and experts in the following domains:
• Tech stuff such as machine learning, data scientists, statistics, predictive analysis, high power parallelism, data as a service, columns oriented database, schema-less databases, NoSQL database, and MapReduce.
• Platforms like Hadoop, Hive, Pig, WibiData, Platfora, R Language


Rodrigo Nuñez

Rodrigo has served as Professor of the School of Computer Sciences at the InstitutoTecnológico de Costa Rica since 2000 and in various positions in private companies since 1999. Rodrigo\'s 6+ methodology identify the best of best recently graduated professionals from the university to recruit them for Akurey or to recommend to partner companies.\r\n\r\nSpecialties: Business Development, Design Thinking, Systems Integration, Solutions Designer, Big Data, Internet of Things, Distributed Applications, Databases, Performance, Quality Assurance, Recruiting 6+, Fast Data Access, High Volume Processing, Embedded Systems, Sound Synthesis, Software Development, Innovation Management, Cloud Technologies, Augmented Reality, Recruiting, Writer, Music Techno-Artist