Metrix: mass media coverage with a web application



Collect and analyze information generated by different mass media, with the aim of provide a compiled report to the customers, where they can observe the position of his brand and make the best decisions with the reports obtained. The system should be able for processing all the information obtained and distribute such information to various stakeholders and give them the possibility to generate their own reports from the data obtained, all in order to be a strategic partner for making business decisions.

The system must handle huge amounts of data by day to be processed and assigned to more than one thousand users.


A robust web application where data mappings for each customer are managed, built with the fancy attributes of Angular following the MVC pattern, using Highcharts to power the reports of each client and a totally web responsive design, for the server side, we use the robust and efficiently of Node used as a cluster arquitecture in order to provide a high traffic and a system live by 24/7, also uses the powerful and fast way to processing data provided by MongoDB.


Currently the system handles :

  • COES Communication increased their sales in 66%
  • Human resources cost reduced in 24%
  • More than 1,300 users
  • More than 1,100 notes are processed per day
  • More than a 1,000 reports of mail are sent daily
  • Over 100 users accessing the site daily
  • Over 300 times a day users consulting data
  • Over 300 customized reports daily.

Site alive since March 2015, more than 1 year working, more than 12,600 hours and counting…



Josue Santamaria

When Josue is not playing FIFA, he is probably making Web applications; with technologies like HTML5, jQuery, JavaScript, CSS, CSS3, Grunt, PHP, NodeJS, AngularJS, Mustache, Handlebars, JSP, Java, MongoDB, MySQL, and SQL Server. He has worked on big platforms like Metrix and Mazda. He really enjoys working with new frameworks that make HTML writing easier and dynamic like Angular, React, etc.