Nashville Electric Service

Nashville Electric Service (NES) is one of the largest public electric utilities in the nation. Covering 700 miles and over 370,000 customers depending on reliable service.


The challenge NES was encountering was inventory was still being managed manually. That involved counting parts and using pen and paper to keep track of over 1000 pieces of inventory from multiple locations being processed daily. Inevitably this tedious process took a toll on productivity and loss of inventory. It was about time for NES to find a powerful solution.


Akurey’s first step was to conduct a thoughtful discovery process. Learning about the day to day life of NES employees and discover their pain points. The solution was a combination of custom engineered inventory software and radio-frequency identification (RFID). The software accurately managed inventory while RFID kept track of the materials, parts and tools.


Productivity surged by 50% processing 200 more orders a day. Inventory loss was reduced by a whopping 85%. With all aspects of the process being accurately monitored. Saving NES time, money and frustration.

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Nashville Electric Service:
Gregg Bolinger – Project Coordinator
James Sullenbarger – IT Manager
Client and IT Support
Ricardo Quesada – Project Manager
Rodrigo Nuñez – Software Architect
Melina Obando – Art director and graphic design
William Ugalde – Software Engineer
Bryan Alfaro – Software Engineer
Pablo Masis – Software Engineer
Luis Carlos Cruz – Software Engineer

Technology Consultant,
Development and Implementation


    Nashville Electric Service