MuliSlot is a leader in online casino gaming. Akurey was tasked with how to integrate online play and bring that experience to traditional gaming venues. We faced multiple challenges but the 2 biggest were integration with MultiSlot’s online gaming environment and hardware creation.

From a software perspective, our team discovered several scenarios to resolve. Ranging from each machine working independent to engineering a LAN based network. The solution had to versatile enough to adapt to any environment.

Akurey created a system architecture that adapted to the vast range of requirements. This included integrating over 30 types of systems. Each with unique protocols from POS systems, currency validation, loyalty programs and data management. We added value by engineering multi language and multi currency validation that can be integrated with non MultiSlot gaming systems.

In the creation of hardware, Akurey engineered the entire system. Collaborating with industrial designers, material and electronic engineers to accomplish the task. From industry standard security protocols to door and stacker sensors. Every step the user
was taken into account.


The result is an enriched gaming experience. To date, 185 machines have been constructed residing in over 45 locations. Online players can continue their play at the casino location. Giving options to the player and creating additional opportunity for MultiSlot.


Jeff Horan – Product Manager – Owner
Eric Jungels – Commercial Executive
Brennan O’donnel – Project Coordinator
Steven Burns – Team Lead
Adam Gering – Database Architect
Oscar Fuentes – Software Engineer
Diego Cantillo – Software Engineer
Randall Quirós – Creative Director

Games Development,
Software Development,


Randall González – Project Manager
Carlos Wong – Tech Lead
Rodrigo Nuñez – Software Architect
Ricardo Quesada – Software Engineer
Minor Pizarro – Software Engineer
Cristian Nuñez – Electric Engineer
Sandra Solís – Industrial Design
Product Development,
Software Development,
Hardware Integration,
Machines development,
Machines Security