Number one provider in Mexico and Colombia of armored vehicles, secure transportation service, pick up and delivery of people with privacy and protection.



Blin has 20 years of experience of security services, they have the budget and the network to introduce digital technology into the security services. But, even with the money and industry experience, they are not 100% on how to positively introduce this kind of new service into a different country and culture.
For this reason, Blinapp requires a technology partner capable to help them to design their digital services, understand legal, financial and operational support required for such kind of service.
Also, a provider capable to transform and test their brand, message, strategy, product and app in record time, allowing them to test different approaches in different cities.



Design a software platform that allows Blinapp owners to dynamically and rapidly change the business core, payment methods, business rules, brand, logo, styles, and websites.
Orchestrateteams organization, in order to deliver rapid changes and new business modules into the website and the mobile application in less than two months.
Allow them to test in different cities and markets 5 different business models until they realize one service of interest in one particular city.
Support Blindapp in the scoping, business discovery, strategy design, business message and how to measure and trace people reactions and usability.



The execution of multiple A/B testing, design, create, deploy and support of 5 different services and brands in less than 7 months: Kevlara, KevlaraApp, BoydGuard, Neo and Blinapp.




Emilio Boyd – Product owner, strategic alliances
Francisco Terrientes – Business Strategy and Management
Zelibeth Davis – Operations and logistics, project management

Business decision making
Ideate different approaches

Lucia Zamora – Software Engineer, web and mobile
Valeria Calderon – Software Engineer, web and mobile
Jose Ruiz – Software Engineer, web and mobile
Andres Jimenez – Tech lead, Software Engineer, web, and mobile
Allan Gutierrez – Senior Software Engineer, web
Josue Santamaría – Senior Software Engineer, backend
Rodrigo Núñez – Innovation Management, product owner
Ricardo Quesada  – Project Manager and Scrum Master


Discovery, design,
develop and deploy an
interchangeable and scalable platform,
capable to rapidly mutate among
brands and services in
the security service industry.