Outsourcing vs Staff Augmentation


Outsource is a very common practice between technology companies, especially when you are looking for cost reduction or the company doesn’t count with personal that fills the required skills for a project.

Recruiting for a profile could take up to 2 months; if the project is small the cost of hiring could be greater than the return of the project. Once a project is completed, you still need handle personal you may no longer need or can be difficult to relocate.

Outsourcing reduces all of this unnecessary expenses on recruiting and infrastructure. Meaning you can delegate an entire project on another company and focus only on the results.

However to successfully outsource a project, you need a company you can trust in terms of time, quality and cost. You could lose control of everything from high level processes to small details. And if you need to integrate the project with internal procedures, the task could be difficult and less cost effective.

With Staff Augmentation instead of delegating an entire project to another company, you temporarily get extra resources to work with your team. The main advantages of augmented staffing are:

  • Integrate new people with desire profile for the time specified on the contract.
  • Control the whole process just like you do with your regular team.
  • Save money and time reducing hiring and training.
  • Get a flexible team in terms of size and profiles. (Sometimes you will need software architects, frontend or backend developers, graphic designers, user experience designers, QA engineers, etc.)
  • The risk is reduced considerably.
  • The integrations with internal processes gets easier.


Is important to mention that not all the projects or companies are ready for business models like outsourcing or staff augmentation, this is why we also offer help and consulting over the right strategy for your project.

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Melina Obando

UI/UX Designer, Digital Animator and advocate of the Maker movement.